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Graffiti Wall 2022

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Graffiti Wall 2022

At the start of the year, we planned to re-invigorate the graffiti wall which after more than a decade was looking a bit tired.

The new build had concealed the wall, and whilst it was given a good undercoat and the climbing holds where attached we planned the designs to fit its new, more functional purpose. These ideas came from the students with over 60 of them coming forward with climbing related themes and motifs.

The BTEC group drew up some plans as part of their vocational course and their visual ideas started the ball rolling. These ideas were added to and embellished by students from across KS3 & 4 who wanted to have some input. RJV and MLB made sense of all of these themes and with help from our favourite graffiti artist Pete Sheridan we attacked the enormous wall over two days.

The finished outcome was the result of a great deal of work from students who put their heart and soul into getting the outcome perfect. They developed skills in freehand spray-painting with support from Pete and staff and learned how to construct and use stencils for their more detailed concepts. Projects like this are a real challenge and it is always re-assuring to see how it brings teams of students together with a collective purpose. Every student stepped up and learned something knew and had fun in doing so. It’s a brilliant way to end the year.

A big thank you must go out to the students and often staff who carried tables and chairs and paint around during the two days (particularly the PE department) and to Pete Sheridan who brings a re-assuring calm to the painting process. MLB motivated the students and worked tirelessly throughout the planning period and the kitchen staff were keen to chip in when we ran out of cling film to protect the Climbing grips. Thank you to all those involved, and we all hope that you like the outcome. Get climbing!

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