The Woodroffe School

Our Values

Together We Succeed

Our Values

Our ‘Together We Succeed’ motto emphasises the important role all members of our community play in ensuring that students receive the best that education has to offer whilst, achieving the highest academic standards, irrespective of starting point.

At The Woodroffe School, we are committed to ensuring that diversity is celebrated, tolerance is promoted, and everyone is respected, appreciated, and valued equally.


We are committed to ensuring that diversity is celebrated, tolerance is promoted, and everyone is respected, appreciated, and valued equally.


We recognise that there is great strength when a group of people, with shared ambitions, work together to achieve the same goals.


Our school develops the whole child.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing our young people with an extraordinary education within a safe environment, recognising that kindness is at the heart of all positive interactions.

Our School

Woodroffe is a special place to learn and teach. Our students are fantastic, and the community spirit is second to none.

Our ongoing focus on excellent teaching and outstanding learning leads to excellent progress for every student irrespective of starting point. We recognise every student and do our upmost to meet all individual needs and aspirations: students at all levels are supported, stretched, and inspired to be the best that they can be and make a positive impact both locally and globally.

The Woodroffe School achieves excellent outcomes. Our vision is not solely a narrow academic one. Our school develops the whole child. This is achieved through the most engaging and varied extra-curricular programme, strong pastoral systems, and, above all, a learning environment which is both safe and welcoming.

The curriculum at Woodroffe is broad, balanced, and ambitious for our students. Besides promoting equality of access and experience, we are committed to ensuring all students excel whilst they are with us. The curriculum, in response to the characteristics of our intake, enables students to build knowledge, develop skills and apply their learning across many different contexts, all supported by a robust and consistent approach to assessment.

Students study high quality, nationally recognised qualifications that ensure they are prepared for the next steps in their lives, whether that is further study at college or university, apprenticeships or work. However, our curriculum seeks to not only provide outstanding academic opportunities but to develop the whole child. Therefore, through the curriculum, students will develop as reflective and resilient learners, develop their social awareness, be fully engaged with the world around them and be ever ready for the changes they may face in their lives.

The leadership team ensures that every decision is focused on learning and teaching, every appointment secures the very best teacher or member of support staff, and every lesson is taught to a standard that says, ‘This is truly an excellent school’.

We are equipped to respond to change, we are driven and continue to embrace innovation that makes a difference, not innovation for its own sake. We continually reinvent our self, but we do it within a strong framework of good practice, excellent conduct, fair and supportive working practices for staff, and simple good sense. We’re also in it for the long term and recognise that there are no quick fixes in the pursuit of excellence.

We are invested in education. Our track record has afforded us the opportunity to become both a National Maths Hub and the lead school in the Jurassic Coast Teacher Network. Our work in these fields has allowed us to support schools and children, sharing practice that enhances provision for all students.

Students immerse themselves within the school; they are culturally enriched by the range of knowledge, skills and experiences gained, both within and beyond the formal curriculum. Ultimately our students will leave us as resilient, lifelong learners able to cope with changing contexts and are well prepared to move into further education, employment, or training. The impact and influence of Woodroffe students can be recognised far and wide, extending beyond the locality and providing a positive influence across a range of disciplines.

We should be proud of our school. We look forward to the future and the exciting developments to come and hope that you will be part of the continuing story.

Please do come and join us for one of our Open Days where you will be able to see the school as it is on a normal day, or feel free to make an appointment by contacting the school Office

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