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As a school we are part of a professional working and learning environment therefore our attire should reflect this. Students are expected to arrive and leave school in full uniform as they continue to represent the school.

The Governors are of the opinion that uniform standards are very important indeed and it is their policy that students are required to be dressed according to the following lists.

All items of uniform and sportswear can be obtained at highly competitive prices in the School Shop (Tel: 01297 445435). We aim to ensure that the cost of our school uniform is reasonable and secures the best value for parents/carers. Second-hand/preloved uniforms are available. Please contact

Years 7-11 Uniform

Main Uniform

Blazer: Traditional single-breasted, navy blue, with school badge.
Shirt: Plain white shirt that is long enough to tuck in, with formal collar, buttoned to neck.
School Tie: Navy, clip-on with school badge (only available from school shop)
Jumper/Cardigan: Plain navy V-neck with long sleeves.
Skirt: Navy blue tailored skirt, either straight, with pleats or gathered, knee length (no extremes).
Trousers: Dark grey/charcoal (not black) tailored trousers. Or, navy blue straight leg tailored trousers (flares / skinny fit are not acceptable, neither are jeans / jean style, leggings or corduroys). Trouser length must meet shoes.
Belts: Any narrow belt, same colour as shoes.
Tights: Black/navy/neutral (no coloured socks to be worn over tights).
Socks: Navy/black/grey/white.
Shoes: Smart plain black or navy, flat, sturdy. No visible logos or air bubbles. Sports trainers, canvas shoes & boots are not acceptable.
Coats: Smart outdoor coats can be worn over blazers before/after school and during break/lunch. Hoodies and non-uniform jumpers are not acceptable.

PE / Games Kit

Polo Shirt: Red short sleeved
School Games Top: (only available from school shop)
Shorts or Skort: Navy blue
Socks: Red knee length games socks, white PE ankle socks
Footwear: Trainers, football boots
Protective Equipment: Shin pads, gum shield
Optional: Navy tracksuit bottoms; Navy blue ‘Woodroffe’ sport leggings (only available from school shop); PE department hoodie.

After May Half Term

Polo Shirt: White with school badge (available from school shop) or plain white polo shirt.
OR Shirt: Plain white short-sleeved shirt with formal collar. A tie is not required with shirt. School blazer may also be worn on cold/cool days and should not be substituted for PE hoodies or other non-school uniform items.
Shorts: Tailored knee length dark grey/charcoal (not black). ‘Fashion’ or skinny fit shorts are not acceptable, and neither are jeans or chino styled shorts.

Students may continue to wear their ‘winter’ uniform if they wish to do so.

No jewellery or earrings (including new piercings) are permitted to be worn in any PE lessons. The use of tape over earrings is not acceptable. Long hair should be tied back.

Hair and Jewellery

Make-Up: No visible make-up. Artificial nails and nail varnish are not permitted.
Jewellery: 1 set of stud earrings (piercings should be done at the start of the holiday), 1 necklace (under shirt), 1 watch/bracelet, 1 ring.
Hairstyles: Hairstyles are required to be smart and hair to be one natural colour. Extremes of colour and styles are not permitted (no shorter than Grade 2).

Sixth Form Uniform

Main Uniform

Polo Shirt: Blue school polo shirt embroidered with school crest.
Jumper: Plain dark blue or black jumper. Or, dark blue school hoodie with badge.
Trousers: Dark grey or black tailored trousers. Navy blue or black straight leg tailored trousers.
Skirt: Navy or black skirt of appropriate length.
Shoes: Smart black, brown or navy-blue shoes. No visible logos. Trainers, high heels and above ankle boots are not permitted.
Tights: Plain blue/ black/neutral/grey (no coloured socks to be worn over tights).
Coats: Smart outdoor coat (coats & scarves not to be worn inside the building or in lessons)

Optional Smart Dress Friday

As role models of our community Sixth Form students are expected to dress in a smart and confident manner. Students have the opportunity to wear smart dress on a Friday which is appropriate for learning in a school environment.The Governors have delegated decisions within these policies to the Headteacher who will, if necessary, refuse entry to a student until such time as their uniform, hairstyle or appearance is deemed appropriate.

Hair and Jewellery

Make-Up: No visible make-up. Artificial nails and nail varnish are not permitted.
Jewellery: 1 set of stud earrings (piercings should be done at the start of the holiday), 1 necklace (under shirt), 1 watch/bracelet, 1 ring.
Hairstyles: The Governors’ Policy on hairstyles applies to the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form students are permitted to wear one small and unobtrusive nose stud. In the event of the latter, the Head of Sixth Form will be the arbitrator in terms of interpretation of ‘small and unobtrusive’.

If a beard is worn it must be kept neat, tidy, and well groomed.

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