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Town Mill 2023

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Town Mill 2023

This February/March was our 24th Town Mill show and below is photo taken a few months ago of some of the students whose work featured in our very first show in 2000.

Back then we (our Sixth Form) were working with an artist in residence called Nick Evans using boat building skills learned on the seafront at our local academy to create artwork for the Town Mill show.

We entered the project for a national Art award and each participant won an original Anish Kapoor print. I hope they still have them now!

It doesn’t feel so very long ago to me, but these students have grown and moved on with their lives as we all do. It’s nice to stay in touch though, and these students have made use of the skills they started to develop as students here at Woodroffe. Owen Cooke is a landscape gardener, James Hankey a working artist/technician, as is Sam Pearson. James Page has worked on many high-profile Art projects over the years with world famous artists that have been installed at Tate Britain. That quick summary doesn’t do them justice but is a reminder of the magical hub that Woodroffe school is; one that brings people together again and again.

This show is dedicated to Dot Wood who sadly passed away last year and with whom I had the pleasure of setting up the very first one.

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