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GCSE Results 2023

Together We Succeed

GCSE Results 2023

This press release, following the publication of GCSE and Level 2 examination results for 2023, encapsulates the excellent achievements of our students following a challenging year on a national level. This cohort of students have experienced disruption to their education in previous years and should be especially proud of their achievements as we are in them.

Dan Watts – Headteacher


We are delighted with the strong set of examination results achieved this year. Congratulations to our fabulous students, your achievements are well deserved.

We are immensely proud of our students at The Woodroffe School, and we wish them the very best for the future, whether staying on into our 6th Form or following pastures new. We continue to offer our full support and assistance to all students in the coming days and weeks, following the release of the GCSE and Level 2 results. These have been challenging times and together we succeed.

Woodroffe has a long track record of academic excellence, and this year is no different. Our students have achieved strongly across the full range of GCSE and Level 2 qualifications on offer and will continue to do so in the future.

We are delighted with the resilience and perseverance shown by our students, however, we also recognise the additional anxiety caused by the events of the past three years and thank our parents and carers for their continued support.

Our staff worked incredibly hard to ensure that our students have been cared for and have continued to receive the best education possible. We have ensured that students have been given every chance to succeed and pursue their chosen next steps.

Students should be reassured that the grades they have received today have been fully earned and are the result of their hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

As ever, there were some outstanding individual GCSE and Level 2 performances with 45% of our students achieving at least one grade 9/8, a selection of these results is given below:

Number of Grade 9’s

Fin McCarthy – 13
Noah Scott-Sentence – 10
Celeste Shields – 5
Ethel Short – 5
Alex Cox – 4
Frankie Remington – 4
Chloe Sladen Bonwick – 4
Harvey Cook – 3
Harry De Bowen – 3
Millie Carswell – 2
Oriel Chapman – 2
Felix Ford – 2
Esme Jolly – 2
Maisy McCollum – 2
Harry Nolan – 2
Martin Oberschall – 2
Emily Boon – 1
Ned Cadwell – 1
Poppy Dyer – 1
Kailani Lee-Dent – 1
Florence Oates – 1
Theo Whiteley – 1
Bella Wigham – 1

Number of Grade 8’s

Oscar Newall – 7
Sam Melville – 6
Eleanor Bulpin – 5
Eva Ralph – 5
Alex Campion – 4
Maja Palka – 4
Skyla Nauen – 3
Alex Robinson – 3
Isabelle Burley – 2
Evie Hissey – 2
Eva Mohammed Joyce – 2
Bella Powell – 2
Josh Priestly – 2
Luca Smith – 2
Alec Starkey – 2
Loulie Barez-Brown – 1
Flynn Bowie – 1
Daisy Browning – 1
Finn Clark – 1
Lola Evans – 1
Josh Frewin – 1
Lilly Fry – 1
Charlie Goodrick – 1
Peggy Ivins – 1
Charlotte Mansfield – 1
Charlie McCarthy – 1
Eris Micklewright – 1
Isabella Pellow – 1
Alfie Pitfield – 1
Rachel Pollard – 1
Suzie Rood – 1
Adam Rowe – 1
Chloe Sandford – 1
Sofia Symonds – 1
Rosa Tucker – 1

It was pleasing to see so many top grades across all subject areas and there were outstanding performances in Chinese, Chemistry and Biology where 100% of students achieved a grade 9 to 4 and Classics, Religious Studies, English, Spanish, Art, Maths, Physics, Geography, and Design Technology where over 75% of students achieved a grade 9 to 4.

Most students will be staying to study at our successful 6th Form which achieved another very strong set of results this year. Some students, however, will be leaving Woodroffe to take places at 6th Form, college, apprenticeships, and employment. We wish them well and are confident that they are on course to succeed in their chosen fields.

We are delighted that the school year ended positively and that students were able to experience some of the key moments in their ongoing development, it was fantastic to see them enjoying time together at the leaver’s assembly, prom and seeing them celebrate their success today.

Dan Watts – Headteacher

Charlotte Lemon – Head of Year 11 said:

“It was a pleasure to see so many Year 11 students and I am delighted and proud of all their achievements. Our students have worked hard throughout many challenging and difficult circumstances and their perseverance and resilience has been exceptional. I would like to wish all our Year 11 students the best of luck whether they are returning to join our Sixth Form or starting their next journey elsewhere.”

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