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Staff List

Together We Succeed

Staff List

Our members of staff, teaching and support, are our strongest assets. We are committed to providing our young people with an extraordinary education within a safe environment, recognising that kindness is at the heart of all positive interactions.

Our ongoing focus on excellent teaching and outstanding learning leads to excellent progress for every student irrespective of starting point.

Department Staff

See below for more information about our subject teachers. *Bold denotes Head of Department.


Mr Vine
Miss Burnett
Mr Greenhough
Mrs Harahan

Business and Travel & Tourism

Mr Banfield
Mr Holding
Mr Lyle


Mr Holding
Mrs Coles
Mr Truyens


Mr Vine
Mr Greenhough
Mr Poole
Mrs Watts

Cross-curricular Literacy

Mrs Rowe
Ms Forrester

Design & Technology

Mrs Vincent
Mrs Beard
Mr McCarthy
Mrs Neave


Miss Smith
Mrs French
Mrs Howe
Miss Webb


Mrs Wootton
Ms Booth
Mrs Cowdrey
Mrs Daly
Miss Harley
Mrs Hopton
Mr McCutcheon
Mrs Sorlie-Pring
Mrs Petty


Mr Williams
Miss Keaney
Mrs Lemon
Mr Loveland
Mr Rowe


Miss Brown
Ms Forrester
Mr Harding
Mrs Pedder
Mrs Rowe
Mr Stanford
Mr Wickins


Miss Salter
Mrs Steward
Ms Choy
Miss David
Miss Elliott
Mrs Hales
Mrs Harris
Dr Stuttaford


Miss Edmunds
Mrs Adams
Mr Hayward
Mrs Kenny
Mrs Pethybridge
Mr Poole
Ms Prince
Mr Urquhart
Mr Vincent


Miss Webb
Miss Pupaza

Social Sciences

Mrs Donnelly
Mrs Ingrams
Mrs Rowe
Mrs Welzel

Physical Education

Mrs Easton
Mrs French
Mrs Howe
Mr Kelly
Mr Lyle
Ms Moses
Mr Snowling
Mr Watts

Religious Education

Mr Hennessy
Mr Harding
Mr Stanford
Mrs Sydenham


Mr Ransome Williams
Mrs Ballam
Mrs Brock
Miss Hamshere
Mrs Kelly
Dr Lancaster
Mr Lee
Mr Moffat
Mrs WIlls

Support Staff

Mrs Adkin - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bailey - Exams Manager
Mr Beavis - ICT Systems Manager
Mr Beer - Finance Assistant
Ms Blakemore - Shop Manager
Mrs Cadwell - Librarian
Mrs Challis - Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs Coles - Administrative Officer
Mr Cross - Deputy Finance Manager
Mrs Dacy - Administrative Officer (SEN)
Mr Daly - Site Manager
Miss Deem-Stone - Teaching Assistant
Mr Fletcher - Assistant Site Manager
Miss McFarlane - Teaching Assistant
Mr Goodrick - Data Manager
Ms Gordon-Watson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Heffernan - Assistant SENDCo
Mrs Hodges - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hogarth - Safeguarding Officer
Mr Johnson-Hills - Groundsperson
Mrs Kendall - Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kenny - Academic Mentor
Mrs Lambert - Maths Hub Coordinator
Mr Lockhart - Senior Science Technician
Mrs Marmion - Sixth Form Administrator

Mrs Mattock - Admissions Administrator
Mr McCarthy - DT Technician
Miss - McFarlane - Teaching Assistant
Mrs McStea - Receptionist
Mrs Moore - Attendance Officer
Mr Neesam - Digital Arts & Media
Mrs Newbery - Science Technician
Ms O'Hare - Administration Manager
Mrs Oldfield - Attendance Officer
Mrs Oliver - Maths Hub Administrator
Mr Parsons - Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Philliben - Administrative Officer (SEN)
Mrs Rattenbury - Headteacher's PA
Miss Richardson - Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs Robinson - Lead Teaching Assistant
Mr Rowe - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rudkin - Teaching Assistant
Miss Spiller - Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vercoe - Business/Finance Manager
Mrs Vine - Teaching Assistant
Ms Watson - Wellbeing
Mrs Way - Science Technician
Mrs Wells - Welfare Assistant
Mrs West - Wellbeing
Miss Wills-Fuest - Teaching Assistant

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